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1st of all i'm a mommy,then a wife,then a friend !Family is my life. I love poetry,reading & writing it.

My little Meachanics

My little Meachanics

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Update

It was a busy Christmas at in the Permenter family this week.Going from house to house of different family members.1st my grandma's & my mom's on Tuesday & with Jeff's family Christmas day.The kids had a great time & so did we.We had some good laughs & good food & good times making memories.Friday we got up & went shopping to spend Christmas money & Saturday as well.Fun but busy & tiring.I highlighted my hair pink this weekend.I so love it.More than anything I loved spending time with my family & can't imagine life without them.Anyway that is just a brief summary of our busy week.

Hope this post finds everyone happy & healthy.Now I am going to try & get some sleep tonite

Monday, December 22, 2008

What's on my mind

Ok so I was looking thru sum famous quotes earlier tonite & came across 1 that stood out & here it is:
"Man love little & often,woman love much & rarely."-Anonymous

& that's what's on my mind tonite !
good nite & God bless


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Absent for a few months

I haven't posted in a while so I decided to give you a little update
Eli is now 9 1/2 months old.Crawling,feeding himself,standing on his own,walking around the furniture & had taken a few steps on his own.
Dixie is now 3 yrs old.Full of energy & looks just like her daddy.
Jeff is doing well.Working mostly but not bad at all.
And as for me,I'm doing pretty good as well.No sickness,well other than a sore throat I've been fighting for the past couple of days.Trying to enjoy life and getting ready for Christmas!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It has been an interesting week in the Permenter household.Last Friday we took Dixie to the dr only to find out that she has a Staph infection.After that Jeff & I went to the Emergency Room.He had poison ivy terribly & as for me I had Impetigo.Not typical for adults but it does happen.We all got treated & on our way back to good health again.The past couple of nites Eli has been so congested & had a stuffy nose.Poor lil guy.I called the dr to see if I could get him an appt but it wouldn't be til May 2nd.I was not going to wait that long,but in the process I made his 2 month appt for May 12th @ 3pm.So we proceeded to the ER with him to.We were only there a record 45 minutes!!!We found out he has an upper respitory infection,in Layman's terms that's a cold.So I have a humidifier/vaporizer hooked up & running all the time around him & he has my TLC.He can't take any medication,so we'll jus have to wait it out & let it run it's course.Poor baby.So that's what's going on this week.A house full of sick people.Dixie & I are getting better & Jeff is already cured.lol.That's sounds kinda funny.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We've had nice weather this week,a little windy tho,but great compared to the rainy weather we've had.Yesterday,after all my chores were done I took my babies to the park.We all enjoyed the fresh air & the nice brisk walk.Of course the only activity Dixie wanted to play was the swing.A couple of weeks ago we were at the park & Jeff was swinging & broke the swing.Which was hilarious.What made it more funny was the fact that 1 minute before it happened I told him he was going to break it.So everytime we go to the park Dixie has to say something about that swing that Daddy broke.We only stayed about 20 minutes because Eli was getting fussy.Dixie walked all the way there & back.By the time we got home she was ready to take a nap.Maybe we need to take walks like that more often.I think next time she & I will go,just the two of us.Since Eli has come along she doesn't get all of my undivided attention like she used to.Which makes me feel bad.Not only that she has kinda got pushed to the side at my grandma's house to since there are so many babies there.She dearly loves my Aunt Mary,she is more like a grandma to her, & she hasn't gotten as much attention from her lately,because since my sister has come back from Arkansas Mary has had her hands full with her son while she works.I have been paying extra attention to my little girl here lately no matter what I've been making extra time for her.I just feel so bad for her.It hurts my feelings that she is being done this way,but it's no ones fault & I'm not blaming anyone sometimes these things happen & I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Party of 4 Introduced

To start off I would like to introduce myself and my family.My name is Naomi.I have been married for 3 yrs in August,but my huband,Jeffery and I have been together for 6 yrs in September.We've had a very interesting relationship.Our 1st date consisted of driving his 70 model Ford off the back of the backside of Cavanaugh Hill.If any of you have been there you know there is no way we could have made it.Well you are right we didn't.We ended up WALKING.13 MILES.UP & DOWN THE ROUGHEST TERRAIN I HAVE EVER SEEN.Needless to say we got to know quite a bit about each other that night.AND NO NOT THAT WAY.I WAS RAISED BETTER THAN THAT.Ever since then we haven't had the best of luck at anything,but we haven't let it get us down.We've gotten thru everything life has thrown at us,although it wasn't easy.With that said you should know we have a very strong relationship and I love this man with all my heart.A couple of years down the road we were blessed with a baby girl,Dixie.She is now 2.She loves to swing & help me do the dishes.We decided that she needed a sibling.I hated the idea of her having to go thru anything that happened to her father and I alone later on in our lives.This time we were blessed with a little baby boy,Eli.He was a month old yesterday,the 10th of April.He is an active,healthy & happy baby.I guess I will let you all go now & I will keep you updated on my fun exciting life with my family.