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My little Meachanics

My little Meachanics

Monday, October 19, 2009


So a few things have changed in the Permenter house since the last blog.
Seasons have changed.I love FALL WEATHER!!!
Jeff has changed jobs.He's now working for Poor Boy Tree Service out of Fair Play,Missouri.He works a little north of Vian on Blackgum Mountain.Still tree trimming tho,but I'm so glad he found something he loves to do.That's hard in this life.The downfall of his new job is he is gone a couple nights a week but he only works 4 1o hour days.Which is wonderful.Today was his 1st day.This company is better than the 1 he left in so many ways.God has truly blessed us yet again and we thank Him every day for that.
We have started going to church every time the door is open.We have changed the way we live,things we do,things we say.We are trying to live right and the best way we can for our family.
Eli gave up the bottle on the day he turned 18 months.
Dixie is still working on using the potty.
And as for me,well I'm still doing the same old stuff.Cleaning,cooking,taking care of kids.Just living life.I've also started cleaning for a lady once a week but it's only temporary but i'm still thankful.Every little bit helps and goes farther than you might think.

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