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1st of all i'm a mommy,then a wife,then a friend !Family is my life. I love poetry,reading & writing it.

My little Meachanics

My little Meachanics

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family sickness :(

Well it's that time of year again.SICK SEASON.Jeff,Eli & I are all sick,but Dixie isn't.I hope she doesn't get it.Our sickness consists of runny nose,sore throat,cough.No it's not "swine flu" none of us have all the symptoms & to my knowledge have not been exposed to it.Eli is so much better though,he hasn't gotten that bad,just a runny nose & Jeff is the same.But I have a really congested cough and it really sucks.I had to work today.I clean houses for those that don't know.So if you need someone to clean for you once or once a week or whatever you need let me know.

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