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My little Meachanics

My little Meachanics

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It has been an interesting week in the Permenter household.Last Friday we took Dixie to the dr only to find out that she has a Staph infection.After that Jeff & I went to the Emergency Room.He had poison ivy terribly & as for me I had Impetigo.Not typical for adults but it does happen.We all got treated & on our way back to good health again.The past couple of nites Eli has been so congested & had a stuffy nose.Poor lil guy.I called the dr to see if I could get him an appt but it wouldn't be til May 2nd.I was not going to wait that long,but in the process I made his 2 month appt for May 12th @ 3pm.So we proceeded to the ER with him to.We were only there a record 45 minutes!!!We found out he has an upper respitory infection,in Layman's terms that's a cold.So I have a humidifier/vaporizer hooked up & running all the time around him & he has my TLC.He can't take any medication,so we'll jus have to wait it out & let it run it's course.Poor baby.So that's what's going on this week.A house full of sick people.Dixie & I are getting better & Jeff is already cured.lol.That's sounds kinda funny.

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luckeelady said...

You have a cute family... so sorry you had to have such a horrible sick week that week, I know staph is not fun, and my daughter would get upper respiratory infections and bronchitis all the time... Hope everything is fine now... Just thought I'd say Hello since we're really not that far away. Usually bloggers are at least a whole state away from me, so Hey neighbor :)